Everyday, boats are faster and faster thanks to foils. On December 25, 2016, Thomas Coville shattered the all-out round-the-world multihull sailing record in a little over 49 days. In January 2017, the Vendée Globe ended after a sharp fight between ‘foilers’. These formidable Formula 1'’s of the sea are equipped with foils, they cannot fly durably at full speed, a feat currently limited to sailing close to the coast.

SEAir focuses on offering solutions to make boats fly, may they be sailing boats or motor boats, offshore and inshore.

To democratise foil technology, we must lower the level of expertise required to operate these boats, secure the systems and find new ways to manufacture these complex appendages. SEAir works on decidedly innovative and upstream projects.

But what we appreciate the most, is the chance to dream that this technology brings, and the sight of the more and more common images of flying boats!

New solutions with R&D focused on materials and processes.
Trials and validation on dedicated demonstrators to ensure maximum security.
Manufacturing in France
All parts are custom made in Lorient, Brittany (France).
Speed and Ecology
Speed and Ecology
Achieving high speed without polluting fuels.

Research & development

The following definition of R&D perfectly defines SEAir'’s DNA: « The sum of systematic creative works aimed to increase knowledge. »

It isn’'t easy to think out of the box. Recreating what has already been done is much simpler. By how we operate at SEAir, we encourage collective competitiveness, giving our staff the keys and the freedom to think differently. SEAir'’s collaborative working environment fuels curiosity and imagination, two essential components of innovation.

SEAir explores uncharted nautical paths, paths that are well used in other sectors, with the objective of entering a new industrial era for systems, materials and processes.

SEAir works with 3D printing for fast prototyping, implements foils and measures the strain placed on them, to develop patent protected systems.

There is no R&D without qualified staff. SEAir is partnered with renowned research labs such as The French Naval Academy Research Institute (IRENAV) and Bretagne Sud University. Patents and thesis around SEAir have already been published.

The SEAir's research office team

SEAir is a team of innovative engineers and researchers, for the most part renowned in the sailing world (skippers and top-level athletes).
These expert profiles complete each other, our diversity being an asset and our synergy a reality.