Our skills at your service

SEAir's clients are engineering consulting firms, shipyards and skippers wanting to enhance the performance of their boats by implementing foils. Our skills cover all aspects of flight: from the preliminary studies and designs to the manufacturing of foils, through the instrumentation and flight modelling.


Allowing boats to fly thanks to an optimal integration of foils and foil systems on boats of all shapes and sizes.


Using our extensive experience acquired by in depth R&D conducted on our demonstrators - two Moths, a Mini 747 and a motor boat.

Added value

Bringing the best performance possible to boats by manufacturing foils, implementing our control units and enhancing settings.

Flying sailing boats

Deliverable in 2019, SEAir’s first flying monohull 40ft sailboat is the revolutionary boat, designed for open sea navigation, for racing or leisure, to compete in official races, beat all kinds of records or simply to enjoy a fast cruise. It's crew of two to eight people is suited for both racing and leisure crews.

Foil equipped motor boats

The exclusive Flying RIB is the most innovative deal available for motor boat enthusiasts. This flying semi-rigid is based on Zodiac's Pro © line, fitted with SEAir's foil systems. Materials and colours can be personalised, for that extra custom-made touch. Motor boats equipped with auto controlled foil systems have their performance improved, ensuring safe navigation with stability and comfort gains, flight and sliding high sensation, engine speed lowered & noise reduced - About 30% energy savings.

Art Boat by Louis-Marie de Castelbajac

The universe of Louis-Marie de Castelbajac is as vast as his passions and curiosity. This artist-entrepreneur connects today his many projects through his ability to assimilate a story, a DNA and reinterpret them in an elegant universe based on the spirit, style and above all authenticity. The alchemy of the artist combined with the avant-garde know-how of SEAir, give to this limited edition, Art Boat, an elegant and timeless modernity, shaking the codes of the nautical world.

The Moth Workshop

Competitions require a high level of customisation to adapt the boat for each racer. This requires an ultimate expertise, expertise we have on Moths, with a renowned skill set. Several race boats (from all over the world) have been enhanced in our workshops : Nacra de l’équipe de France, Elving Phantom, GC32, for example.

SEAir parts

V6R : The back foil

Back foil Order

On high level Moths, the back foil is a stabiliser. Depending on it's size and incidence, it helps the back of the boat take off at slow speed. During upwind sailing, it must carry 10 to 20% of the total weight, in downwind we need to reduce the lift to avoid plunging. The smaller the foil, the faster it is. Le V6R foil fits that expectation: a symmetrical Matthias Renken type profile, a straight horizontal rake (non anhedral), thin and narrow, with a maximum span.

Clamp blocks

Clamp block - cale à mors Order

To adjust foils with maximum precision and consistency, SEAir has developed giant clamp blocks. Specific to the foil profile, connected to your smartphone with a 'spirit level' application, the clamp block with give you the angle of incidence between the foil and the hull, set to zero beforehand. For Moth Mach2, Early Lift or standard (large) foils, Safran anhedral (medium), V6R / standard (large) and more. With this clamp block, the setting of your foil won't take more than two minutes.

Patented product

Moth boom

Boom Order

On Moths, the boom is the focal point of strain and performance. It's 17° curved profile allows to swing the mast back, while still being able to manoeuvre by moving under it. The allows to gain speed in most cases, the centre of buoyancy being lower and further back. This amounts of rearing the boat, allowing to lower the incidence of the foils. Ideal for lower mast heels with high pressure vangs.