Rigid-inflatable boats

On July 12, 2017, SEAir accomplished a world premiere, with the flight of a Zodiac 5.5 Pro ©, equipped with SEAir’s systems. With it’s retractable and adjustable foils, all of the boat’s performances were noticeably improved, allowing it to navigate safely, even in rough seas and offshore. The tests show improved stability and comfort, unparalleled flight and glide sensations, highly reduced engine RPM and a decreased fuel burn, by approximately 30%. SEAir was committed to maintain the features that make RIB’s success. Equipped with retractable foils, SEAir’s Flying RIB can dock on a pier, alongside another boat or directly on a beach, and is easily loaded on a trailer.

The SEAir Mini 747

The ground-breaking Magnum 747 prototype, designed and built by David Raison, was transformed into a flight demonstrator. It has been equipped with a portside foil with eight sensors and a control unit allowing to manoeuvre the foil. Trials during the first trimester of 2017 will allow in depth testing of different offshore take-off and flight stabilisation settings. SEAir will then work on modifying the systems and the settings to allow the most durable flight solutions possible. Creating power is no longer a problem, but making use of it is far more complex. Starboard will also be equipped with an even more advanced foil, with electronic controls.

Racing boats

The Moth, small yet demanding 3,50m monohull, is the perfect support to develop racing foils and next generation manufacturing techniques. SEAir is specialised in the enhancement of these flying boats.

SEAir's two Moths are instrumented to help us understand how foils behave and then model flight. SEAir works on probing systems allowing to mechanically control the foil winglets, to maintain optimal flight height. It's also on Moths that SEAir developed and patented a new manufacturing process of small foils.

There are still many development and evolution prospects with boats where almost all innovations are possible. To make this happen, SEAir has created a sporting team in association with the École Nationale de Voile et des Sports Nautiques (ENVSN) in Quiberon and the Classe Française. In 2016, the Moth SEAir team shined during several races, and SEAir equipment won the first edition of the Brittany Moth Series.