Rigid-inflatable boats

After having opened up its field of R&D to motor boats, with a Zodiac Pro 5.5m © fitted with foiling systems in 2017, SEAir has done it again in Sept 2018 with a boat destined for professionals and the military: the Sillinger AirShark 765 ©. Due to our retractable and adjustable foiling systems, performances are improved, enabling navigation in complete safety, even in rough seas off the coast. Tests have demonstrated a gain in stability and safety, with incomparable feelings of gliding and flight, an obvious lowering of engine speed – and therefore the noise nuisance - and a consequent reduction in fuel consumption, of about 30%.

The SEAir Mini 747

The ground-breaking Magnum 747 prototype, designed and built by David Raison, was transformed into a flight demonstrator. It has been equipped with a portside foil with eight sensors and a control unit allowing to manoeuvre the foil. Trials during the first trimester of 2017 will allow in depth testing of different offshore take-off and flight stabilisation settings. SEAir will then work on modifying the systems and the settings to allow the most durable flight solutions possible. Creating power is no longer a problem, but making use of it is far more complex. Starboard will also be equipped with an even more advanced foil, with electronic controls.