SEAir joins with SILLINGER and enters the universe of the professional and military

It was in March last year that SEAir, the designer of flying sailing and motor boats, was awarded a new prize (7 in only 2 years!), that of the prestigious competition SOFLAB « Le Cercle de l’Arbalète » of the French Army Special Forces.
An innovation prize coveted by 250 start-ups. Since then it has followed a series of tests to enable the Marine Nationale and the Special Forces to discover the advantages of navigating with retractable and servo-controlled foils.

For these men and women who assure our safety, nothing should be left to chance, the reliability of state-of-the art technology is primordial. A threshold requirement that did not scare SEAir, on the contrary the only company in the world that knows how to make RIBs fly particularly loves this type of challenge. Since its birth, more than one year ago, the Flying RIB no longer has to prove its advantages in terms of navigation. Today Sillinger and its clientele love it for its simplicity to pilot, its comfort, its discretion (wake and engine noise reduced), its speed (top speed of 46kts), and its autonomy (operating range increased due to a fuel consumption saving of 30%).

A major player with the intervention and safety forces over all the seas of the globe, Sillinger has been the leader for more than 55 years in the supply of pliable and semi-rigid boats, it is developing today, thanks to SEAir, the largest flying semi-rigid ever made : the AirShark 765.

« The requirements of the transport professionals, as well as the military cannot ignore the evolution which leads to sailing faster and better. The same if the sea is rough, our systems significantly improve sailing and operating conditions. SEAir, becoming recognised by several major nautical brands, is proud and excited that Sillinger, a reputed French company and appreciated by the Army, very quickly started the process of wanting to make a military boat « fly ». The first navigations at the start of October have been a success. The work will still be long, but we should be able to write together, SEAir and Sillinger, beautiful pages coming from the great book of the « Nautical Revolution of the decades to come! »

22 October 2018