SEAir rewarded at the UIM Awards of Monaco !

On the 17th of March, SEAir was once again rewarded for its expertise and its results around the « flight function » of boats which enable significant fuel economy gains.
Through receiving the prize « Special Mention for Environmental Benefit » during the gala evening of the l’Union Internationale Motornautique (IUM), it is now a worldwide recognition of the nautical sector that the Breton SME receives.

SEAir is is aware of this honor that has been put forward by such a prestigious international organization. It could also be an opportunity to enter a new era of competition…
For several years, competitive sailing has been impacted deeply by the foil. The turn has come for racing motor boats, in order to profit from its multiple advantages ?! With this prize, SEAir hopes to convince the UIM that championship drivers will also be able to benefit from the advantages of the flight function, not only by inventing new competition flying boats together, but also by creating the competitive events of tomorrow.

The advantages are obviously ecological with gains of fuel economy of 30% on average and peaks as much as 50%. The comfort gain is also incomparable; the behaviour of the boat no longer resembles what we have known before, since they are above the water. With boat handling that is more flexible and more stable, the boats will become safer for the drivers. The flight function also reinforces the sensational and spectacular side of events.

The many UIM categories that are not yet at high speed can accelerate using the foil. All of these major assets unquestionably demonstrate that it is possible to change sporting practices. The younger generations who would switch now could have the opportunity to take an advantage over the others for many years.

SEAir is working towards democratization of the foil and has demonstrated that the flight function already works well today on the boats used by the general public. It remains now to create those for racing. SEAir hopes now to work with competitors for specialist boats, more ecological, more comfortable, much safer, more spectacular and always much faster !

UIM Press release

20 March 2018